In the local Yawuru language ‘Narlijia’, means ‘True for you’.


Bart Pigram is a Yawuru man from the West Kimberley region of northwest Australia. Born and bred in Broome Bart has a passion for telling the complete story of life in Broome. Drawing on knowledge gained from living a saltwater lifestyle as well as professional training as a curator Bart started Narlijia Tours in 2015. Narlijia means ‘true for you’ in the Yawuru (Australian Aboriginal) language reflecting Bart’s wish to tell the ‘entire’ story sharing his Aboriginal and multicultural perspective first hand.

Being part of the large Pigram-Puertollano family Bart belongs to a long tradition of pearling workers and musicians. This heritage enables Bart many rich and fascinating stories of life around the beautiful turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay, Broome.

A natural entertainer you can join Bart on one of his unique tours of Broome and the Bay and see the country and lifestyle from his unique perspective including Dampier Creek and the rich pickings in the mangrove forests and on the jabalbal (mudflats)

Staircase tour with beach to bay. The only way to see the moon - We were lucky enough to be in Broome for the Staircase to the Moon.The tour started at the beach where we visited dinosaur tracks that were amazing. We saw three different species of tracks. We also got to try some bush foods and here the local dreamtime stories for the area. Then off to the Mangroves, we were provided with wet shoes to walk through the mud and out to our very own area to watch the Staircase. Perfect bliss sitting on a rock eating lovely nibbles and cold Matso ginger beer and watch the fabulous show provided by nature.
Doug & Sue : Adelaide

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