In the local Yawuru language ‘Narlijia’, means ‘True for you’.


Ngaji mingan (how are you), welcome to Broome!

Narlijia Experiences hosts several tours sharing the beauty and richness of Broome’s natural environment, history and culture by true local guides!

Broome’s townsite was officially gazetted in 1883 but had earlier arrivals of pearlers and pioneers who made ‘first contact’ with the Aboriginal people of the region, the Djugun and Yawuru people.

Join us on one of our experiences that guides you through these ancient and historical sites located in the north-western portion of the UNESCO listed Roebuck Bay. This coastline has been home to our saltwater people for thousands of years and for you our guides will orientate you in the cultural landscape, offer a seasonal sample of food sources whilst immersing you in our fascinating history and beautiful coastal environment.

Don't leave Broome with out it!

The Narilijia and Bagul Bagul Tours are an ideal introduction to Broome's Aboriginal history and culture. Bart Pigram, our indigenous guide was a wealth of knowledge with regard to Aboriginal history and way of life in Broome. On the Narilijia Tour Bart led us through the town, revealing the complex relationship and multicultural spectrum of Aboriginal life up to the present situation. (Easy walking pace) On the separate Bagul Bagul or Mangrove Tour two days later, Bart literally walked us through the mangroves (with protective rubber boots for the thick mud) to look at spectacular aboriginal middens, taste rock oysters, try and catch mud crabs, experience afternoon light changes and hear about Aboriginal day to day life, all with the guidance of a young insightful mind. Moderate walking required with the ability to negotiate mangrove conditions. A great way to hear and experience Aboriginal perspective. Bart in particular was so refreshing in his forward thinking and complete dedication to his people and culture. Bart you are a natural leader and a talented person. Well done!
John : Shellharbour

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